About Us

Clean Air Missouri is a campaign of the newly created Missouri Clean Energy Coalition (MCEC), which is a statewide coalition of stakeholders including elected officials, faith organizations, clean energy businesses, academic institutions, and environmental organizations who care about securing Missouri’s energy future, strengthening our economy and creating a healthy environment for all Missourians.

MCEC Mission: Grow our clean and renewable energy economy to reduce fossil fuel pollution, address climate change, and create jobs now! 

We are committed to ensuring the state develops a comprehensive, clean energy plan that will reduce carbon pollution, build a strong economy with quality jobs, create healthy air and secure an independent energy future for our state.

Our member organizations and supporters include representatives from public health organizations, environmental groups, clean energy businesses, faith communities, academic institutions and elected officials.

MCEC members are organizations that designate a contact person to join the coalition’s coordinating committee, which include:

MCEC supporters are individuals, businesses or organizations that support our mission. Supporters include: